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Alexander Technique

James is our specialist Alexander Technique teacher. He trained for three years to teach Alexander Technique, and is a member of the Society of Teacher of the Alexander Technique (MSTAT). You can find out more information about him and Alexander Technique at his own website here.

He says "In 2004, at the peak of my corporate career in IT, I was faced with a life-changing decision. I could continue my corporate path, which guaranteed the comfort of a regular salary, but was packed with long stressful hours, and little time for myself. Or I could take the plunge and train to be an Alexander Technique teacher.

I was originally introduced to Alexander Technique after a Harley Street Doctor suggested it would help to relieve my RSI (repetitive strain injury), which was a result of my determined hard work. I started to learn about the technique with a doctor in Leicester, and became so passionate that I decided to train full time for three years, to be able to teach the technique to others. 

Now I enjoy training people of all ages and all kinds of backgrounds, both privately and in groups. It never ceases to amaze me how widely applicable the technique is to so many activities and ways of life.

Many people come to me to reduce their back and neck pain. Teachers with training like mine are able to reduce days with low back pain by 86%, a fact confirmed by a study funded by the NHS. Others come to improve their posture and look better.

But it’s not just pain and posture that I improve. I now work with golfers, actors, company directors, teachers and many others who want to improve their performance both at work and at play.

Booking a session is the only way to really find out for yourself just how much you can gain from learning this skill for life” .





James Crow, Alexander Teacher.