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Counselling and Clinical Hypnotherapy

Pam Drysdale and Joanna Saatchi have worked together at the Wilmslow Physio for four years and have established a very successful practice.  They met on a training course in 1996 and discovered they had similar values and ideas about counselling and supporting people.  The Cameron Counselling Group was formed in 2002 and since then, they have worked with clients on a 1-1 basis, in couples and in groups depending on need.  They have also run workshops on topics such as Stress and Relaxation, Personal Development, Communicating with Teenagers and enLIGHTEN! - a group that teaches how to become Slimmer, Fitter and Healthier – more details below.

Both Pam and Joanna are committed to ongoing training and professional development and are continually adding to their skills.  Pam has studied Stress Management and has undertaken postgraduate training to gain the title Clinical Hypnotherapist.  Joanna has a Degree in Psychology, a Post Graduate Certificate in Education and completed a year’s study course in death and bereavement.  Both have had specialist training to work with childhood trauma and abuse issues.  In addition to their work at the clinic, both have worked in the counselling department a local college.

With the addition of hypnotherapy as a service, they changed their name to Cameron Counselling and Hypnotherapy.  As well as working with issues such as anxiety and depression, fears and phobias, stopping smoking and relaxation therapy, Pam has a special interest in health related issues, and how our thoughts and feelings can influence our physical health.  She works at a local hospice helping patients to cope with their symptoms and the side effects of drugs, in particular chemotherapy. 

“Many people have never experienced deep relaxation, which is all the hypnotic state is.  It is enormously beneficial to general health and well being,” said Pam.  “Hypnotherapy can also help people to break negative patterns and overcome fears and phobias they may have struggled with for years.” 

The therapy session . . . .

Pam and Joanna believe in the value of treating everyone as an individual, and tailoring what we offer to our clients’ needs.  Some people benefit from a one off session, while for others lengthier counselling and/or hypnotherapy is appropriate.  “Being listened to is crucial to all of us and for some people, just being able to talk through their problem in an unhurried way, and without being judged or criticised, can be a great relief,” said Joanna.  With their range of skills and experience, Pam and Joanna aim to help their clients overcome their current difficulties, and to move forward with new insights and stronger resources.

Sessions are carried out in a private, personal and confidential manner.  Some knowledge of background and health are needed so we ask clients to fill out a form after they have read our client information sheet.

Some people may find coming for a first session to be a little unnerving, especially if they’ve never had therapy before.  Pam and Jo are very aware of this and seek to put people as much at their ease as possible and talk through any misgivings people may have. 

“There are many issues that respond well to counselling and hypnotherapy and we are always happy to be contacted to discuss these in an informal and confidential way,” said Joanna.  “We are also able to establish in an initial discussion which one of us it is appropriate for people to see – depending on the issues mentioned.  It is of course, fine for people to request to see one or other of us.”


Groups and Workshops . . . .

These can be tailored to suit your needs – whether it is for a group of friends in informal surroundings, or for business people in a professional setting.  Our most popular group is enLighten! – Which teaches how to become slimmer, fitter and healthier.  Pam explains, “This group is not about diets and counting calories.  Through exercises and discussion, group members become more aware of how they think, feel and behave in relation to food and exercise, health and well-being.  They are encouraged and supported to change habits and so live life in a more resourceful and fulfilling way.