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Sports and Spinal Specialists


We spend more time

We dedicate a full hour to your initial session, and our follow-up sessions are 40 minutes long. This is longer than you'll find elsewhere. It allows for a more detailed assessment of your problems, more comprehensive treatment and more time for you to have your questions answered. Our patients really appreciate the extra time we provide.

We accept most, if not all, health insurance policies and will deal directly with them in most cases.


(PAYG prices)

Clinical Specialist:

Initial Session (1 Hour) £74

Follow-up Session (40 Minutes) £54


Senior Physiotherapist

Initial Session (1 Hour)   £60

Follow-up Session (40 Minutes) £44


Also see our Offers and Specials page for details on how to save money. We offer a 20% discount for children.


We accept Cash, Cheques and Credit Cards.