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Sports Massage

Sports massage therapy will alleviate the stress and tension that builds up in the body's soft tissues during everyday activity and sport. It will help you maintain your body's optimum performance and it will feel great!

Sports Massage Therapy is a valuable aid to healing and relaxation and is appropriate for athletes and less active people alike. As it is a deeper form of massage people seem to find it a better remedy for aches and pains, with longer lasting results.  It can act as a preventative therapy as well as a remedy for existing symptoms. It can be beneficial in the treatment of back pain, headaches, muscle imbalance, muscle overuse and joint stiffness, whether caused by occupational and postural mechanisms, sport, or tension and stress.

Sports massage is a mix of different techniques of manual manipulation of the skin, muscle and soft-tissue and sometimes treads a fine line between pleasure and pain, but the results can be:

  • Improved blood and lymphatic flow to the tissues
  • Acceleration of the healing process
  • Alleviation of pain following minor injury, muscle/tendon strain, or muscle tension from overwork, tiredness or stress.
  • Speedier muscle recovery after training or competition
  • Increased joint range of motion/flexibility.
  • Improved, more relaxed posture


  • Regular massage can identify potential injury risk areas, or can
  • Simply leave you both invigorated and relaxed.

Sports massage will enhance physical and sporting performance, reduce tension and stress levels, promote health and relaxation and improve general well being.

Wilmslow Physiotherapy’s Liv Brewster is a qualified human and equine Massae Therapist and a member of the Sports Massage Association

WIth over 25 years experience competing with horses and as a keen runner, cyclist and swimmer and having had an office job that involved lots of sitting down and driving, Olivia is only too aware of the need to keep in good physical shape.


Through massage therapy, Olivia can help increase and improve circulation, enhance muscle tone, relax muscle tone and rigidity, prevent and relieve adhesions, increase range of movement, improve general wellbeing and mental relaxation and aid recovery after training or injury.


If you would like more information about Liv, see her website here