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Howard is a great Physio. He’s not one of these Physios who just says “Oh that’ll be fine” whether you are or not: He knows and he tells you. “Nope”, he’ll say, “that didn’t work did it?” and then “Ok, lets try this then…” I'd like to thank him for all his hard work helping in my preparation for London 2012.

Victoria Pendleton CBE


Howard keeps me running: I recommend him to everyone"

SV International Runner



"...the most thorough and comprehensive assessment and treatment I have ever had - and I've had lots!"



Howard Turner has treated my family and I over the past 15 years for various injuries. His holistic approach to treating an injury means that we returned to our active lifestyles as quickly and painlessly as possible. Howard's easy manner allows you to relax and gain the most from each session. I would not hesitate to recommend Howard to anybody requiring physiotherapy. 

Mrs H E



As a professional sprinter, injuries, unfortunately, are part of the job and always seem to crop up at the wrong time. However, with Howard Turner and Wilmslow Physiotherapy on my side, I know that I will be up and running again in no time. I have every confidence in recommending Wilmslow Physiotherapy to anybody, sportsperson or not!

Mr AS - GB 400m Runner




I can’t believe what a difference there is between the Physio I was having at home and what I got when I saw Howard. It’s on another level. And now I’m better.

Mr GF, Stoke on Trent

" did the other Physio know whether I was getting better if they didn't bother doing all these tests?"



Howard is an excellent clinician and well known and well respected in the profession - I had seen lots of people for my back but it was Howard who finally got it better

Mrs VK, Physiotherapist


I hit a brick wall with my own doctor who didn't seem to believe that I had a neck and back problem, so I paid to see a neurosurgeon. Fortunately for me he recommended me to Howard Turner at Wilmslow Physio. I decided to give it a go, not knowing how physio would help. I have been delighted with the treatment I have received firstly because Howard knew immediately what was wrong with me, and set about putting it right - and it has worked!. Howard has a relaxed practice which makes patients feel at ease. He likes to be asked questions and really gives you a well explained, easy to understand answer. I feel happy and confident that I have met a physio who cares and is totally honest with me.I have since recommended at least ten new patients to Howard and all in turn have thanked me for the recommendation. They were all delighted with the service they received.

Mrs MH



What I like is the way that it’s not just the same recipe of treatment each time, like I have had before - everything is continually assessed and reassessed and evaluated and modified depending on how it’s working

Mr DW Ex Sale-Sharks



"Thank you for giving me back my running!"



I’m an "old codger" and my scan was dreadful but Physio and acupuncture still helped me with my pain. Remarkable!

Mr A