Expert Physiotherapy

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What to expect

Remember: You don’t need to be referred by your doctor to seek treatment at Wilmslow Physio.

We have a team of highly qualified and experienced Physiotherapists to return you to health, fitness and full activity. Treatment is comprehensive and actively based on the latest research.

The Initial Session

Your initial session will generally be a full hour and include full treatment. We take a detailed history and perform an extensive examination. A comprehensive initial assessment helps us understand your problem fully. How it developed, how it behaves and the impact it has on your life all help us diagnose the problem and decide how best to treat.

Accurate Diagnosis

To be effective, treatment has to be tailored to the problem at hand and not be prescriptive. No two back pains are the same; every shoulder problem is individual. Our detailed history and examination lets us see what is involved and why, and this helps us plan the best course of action. We continually reassess the problem throughout your treatment, exploring the techniques and therapies which work best for you.

Effective Treatment

Our particular speciality is in treating musculoskeletal problems and sports injuries with manual therapy and specific rehabilitation. Treatment is individually tailored to your problem, your needs and the level of activity to which you want to return. No two problems are the same; no two treatments will be the same.

Getting rid of the pain will be uppermost in your mind and it’s our first priority, but it’s only the beginning. Getting rid of the problem that causes the pain is the goal. Treatment therefore naturally progresses into specific rehabilitation. We help you help control the problem; to make your body stronger, more resilient and less likely to be injured.


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