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Pain and Injury

Sports Injuries

Post-Op Rehabilitation

Pelvic / Women's Health Physiotherapy

Vestibular and TMJ Physiotherapy



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Pain and Injury

There is no need to suffer pain when treatment can often help so effectively. All our Physiotherapists are very experienced in dealing with all manner of injury and sources of pain. Treatment is comprehensive and actively based on the latest research

As well as easing the pain we aim to look at why the injury occurred in the first place – was it just an unavoidable accident, or were there some weaknesses that have led to the injury occurring? Throughout the whole process you will be given advice about what to do, how much to do and how best to help the problem resolve.


Sports Injuries

Our aim is to keep you training; to keep you playing; to keep you competing. Sports Injury management is one of our specialist areas. Clinical lead Howard Turner has worked with elite athletes from many disciplines, lectures in Sports Medicine, has consulted for national clubs and sporting bodies, worked as a clinical consultant for UK Athletics, British Swimming, the Paralympic Association, the English Institute of Sport and British Cycling and provided training for top-flight Sports Physios from various household-name teams and clubs. At Wilmslow Physio you get the same level of care as the professionals.



Post-Operative Rehabilitation

If ever you need surgery, please remember that surgery is only one part of sorting out your injury. To ensure a full recovery make sure that you are rehabilitated properly before and after having any operation - it will make a huge difference.

Pre-op care makes sure you arrive at your surgery in as good a state as possible, and you'll recover quicker as a result. Post operative rehabilitation is important because whilst surgery may repair the damaged tissue at the heart of the problem it may not correct the way in which your body has adapted to the problem. Post-op rehabilitation and treatment deals with the swelling and scarring left over from surgery, the associated problems that developed as a result of your injury and helps ensure the restoration of normal function. Too many people still consider surgery to be a complete "fix" and unfortunately continue to have problems further down he line.

We will, of course, do all this in constant communication with your Specialist.