Alexander Technique with James Crow

Long-Term Pain?


If you’ve pain that’s been around for a long time, maybe since an injury, or simply because of your bad posture, then the Alexander Technique is for you.

Our Alexander Technique Teacher, James Crow BSc Hons MSTAT, has been teaching since 2007. See his bio here.

“I work with everyone from desk-workers to sports-people and musicians, helping them have less pain and much better posture.

More recently, I’ve seen a big increase in other therapists, nurses and counsellors coming to see me to get help to keep themselves working with less pain.

Desk workers can expect much less back, neck and shoulder pain, and musicians can expect to play with greater subtlety and less injury.

It’s a bit hard to explain the Alexander Technique briefly on one page, so head over to my website for more info and to get in touch:

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James has helped these companies with the Alexander Technique