What To Expect


Remember: You don’t need to be referred by your doctor to seek treatment at Wilmslow Physio.



We have a team of highly qualified and experienced Physiotherapists to return you to health, fitness and full activity. Treatment is comprehensive and actively based on the latest research.


The Initial Session


Everything you tell us about your problem will help, and we will listen.

For your initial session we will allow up to an hour. We take a detailed history and perform an extensive examination. A comprehensive initial assessment helps us understand your problem fully: how it developed, how it behaves and the impact it has on your life. It all help us diagnose the problem and decide how best to treat.

We will explain the findings as we go and discuss our rationale for treatment.

We will then start treatment at that first appointment, give you advice and guidance and suggest things that you can do to help.

Anyone who says they can do all that properly in a half-hour initial assessment is kidding themselves.


Accurate Diagnosis


To be effective, treatment has to be tailored to the problem and the individual. No two back pains are the same; every shoulder problem is individual.

Our detailed history and examination lets us see what is involved and why, and this helps us plan the best course of action.

Diagnosis has several aspects that are important to a full understanding of your problem. FIrstly, we aim to identify the structure producing your symptoms. 

We then assess the causal factors. These might include aspects of strength, coordination and tightness but there are also structural considerations and issues of general health and wellness. 

This ensures that you can move forward from the issue in the most comprehensive and effective way.

We continually reassess the problem throughout your treatment, exploring the techniques and therapies which work best for you.


The foundation of clinical practice is clinical reasoning. Clinical reasoning requires evaluation and appreciation of these three aspects of every presentation.

No two problems are the same and no two problems should get exactly the same treatment


Effective Treatment


Our particular speciality is in treating musculoskeletal problems and sports injuries with manual therapy and specific rehabilitation. Treatment is individually tailored to your problem, your needs and the level of activity to which you want to return. That may be elite sport; it may be looking after the grandchildren.

No two problems are the same; no two treatments will be the same.

Getting rid of the pain will be uppermost in your mind and it’s our first priority, but getting rid of the problems that cause the pain is the goal. To provide long-term benefit.

Treatment therefore naturally progresses into specific rehabilitation. We help you help control the problem; to make your body stronger, more resilient and, hopefully, less likely to hurt and be injured!

How to Prepare

If there is time before your booking we will send you a registration form in advance, saving time at your appointment. 

If you’re insured you should get in touch with your insurer and confirm the details of your cover, and get a referral if you need one.

Bring clothes that will allow us to assess the area in question! If you forget, not to worry – we have shorts in the clinic. See if you can bring scans and reports if they’ve been done, too!

Finally, think about the problem – things that aggravate it, things that make it feel better, when you feel it, precisely where you feel it – it all helps.

Feel free to bring someone along to the appointment with you, and under 16yo’s must be accompanied by a responsible adult.



Fizziostuff UK Ltd trading as Wilmslow Physio and Physio-Hale

Wilmslow Physio: 20A Grove Street, Wilmslow SK9 1EB 

T: 01625530794

F: 01625 540010

Physio-Hale: C/O Re-Enhance, 17 Cecil Road, Hale WA15 9NZ

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Fizziostuff UK Ltd trading as Wilmslow Physio

Wilmslow Physio: 20A Grove Street, Wilmslow SK9 1EB

T: 01625530794

F: 01625 540010

Company Number 03052852

Registered Address SImpson Burgess Nash Empress Business Centre, 380 Chester Road, Manchester, M16 9EA

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