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The Things People Say

Howard is a great Physio. He’s not one of these Physios who just says “Oh that’ll be fine” whether you are or not: He knows and he tells you. “Nope”, he’ll say, “that didn’t work did it?” and then “Ok, lets try this then…” I’d like to thank him for all his hard work helping in my preparation for London 2012

Victoria Pendleton CBE

What I like is the way that it’s not just the same recipe of treatment each time, like I have had before – everything is continually assessed and reassessed and evaluated and modified depending on how it’s working

Dan Williamson, Wilmslow


Howard is a miracle. I have seen multiple therapists, but no one could help me. Only Howard identified my problem and started to treat it with significant effect! Huge experience, professionalism and great portfolio of people/teams he helped and supported.

Rafal Rajs, Manchester


We are grateful to have Wilmslow Physio as part of our support team. World class treatment on our doorstep!

Steve Vernon, Coach, Team New Balance Manchester

I have felt totally safe and looked after in jo’s hands. Her professionalism goes hand in hand with her wonderful ability to make you feel you are understood in your pain and supported.

I have felt totally supported by the practice. They, together with Professor Funk, have made my life workable again and virtually pain free

Carole Burton, Wilmslow

After almost 4 years of lower back pain and a significantly reduced quality of life where I had all but given up on any treatment or improvement, I am now able to sleep at night! My back pain is severely pronounced in a horizontal position and therefore i have not been able to sleep properly, or sometimes at all!. I have been to several physios, chiros, acupuncturists and others but no one has been able to treat my back pain successfully until Howard. I thank my lucky stars that he was recommended to me. I cannot rate him highly enough, he really knows his stuff. Thank you Howard!

Lauren Steele, Prestwich


I’ve seen several physios over the past 3 years and without a doubt, Howard Turner is exceptional and has managed to target the root cause of my pain and provide immediate relief. I can highly recommend Howard and the Wilmslow Physio practice.

John Johnson, Wilmslow


For well over a decade I had wrongly assumed that weakness in my left leg and associated ‘on and off’ knee and lower back irritation was a result of tight muscles and my active life. Regular stretching and yoga would bring temporary relief with me otherwise accepting my symptoms as part of everyday life. Howard Turner’s speed and accuracy of diagnosis was impressive and with treatment for a previously unknown sacroiliac Joint issue, my past symptoms cease to exist. I can’t thank you enough as the difference is truly remarkable.

Adam Jackson, Fell Runner, Congelton

I always leave feeling that they really are getting at the route cause of my pain, not only do I feel better as I leave the practice, I also know what my care plan is and feel confident that I can get back to doing the things that I love.

I also find that I keep improving after treatment has finished; whilst I always see immediate improvement, it seems to also help my body keep getting better and better afterwards.

Mike Innes, Hale


Dear Jo, just to let you know the marathon went really well. I managed a great new PB and came 4th in my age group so very happy. And everything has been fine since. Thank you!

Caroline Kinghorn, Hale

If is wasn’t for Howard I wouldn’t have had my back op and my quality of life would have been distinctly poorer. Very professional and chilled out manner

Cheryl Luckhurst, Bolton


Howard and all the staff have been very professional and the treatment received from Howard has been excellent. First rate service and quick diagnosis of my ailment. Good cup of tea as well!

Andrew Gorman, Ormskirk


Howard has demonstrated such experience and his thorough assessment and treatment has given me a huge improvement in a short space of time 
Jess has also played a huge role in my recovery and has been excellent

Dr Emily P GP


Howard Turner has a great way about him, and genuinely delivers results. Anyone unsure about the positive impact about physio should not hesitate to try treatment. Two sessions and I feel almost cured.

Chris H


Howard has exceptional knowledge and experience and has successfully treated every issue I have presented to him

Sarah Gorman, Ormskirk


As a professional sprinter, injuries, unfortunately, are part of the job and always seem to crop up at the wrong time. However, with Howard Turner and Wilmslow Physiotherapy on my side, I know that I will be up and running again in no time. I have every confidence in recommending Wilmslow Physiotherapy to anybody, sportsperson or not!

Andrew Steele GB 400m Runner

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