The Combined Approach: Hip and Groin

A clinical reasoning led approach to the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of the causes of hip, groin and buttock pain.

About the Course

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Hip and Groin pain is a common presentation in clinical practice in a variety of patient groups. In some sports it is one of the most common site of pain and the pubis is the most common site of abnormality on imaging. In pregnancy pubic pain is again common and often disabling.

In many groups hip joint pathology occurs frequently and later in life it is a common cause of pain and disability. And added to this are people with referred pain to the groin, hip and buttock from spinal and pelvic sources.

The complexity of managing hip and groin presentations is firstly one of diagnosis, which in turn relates to the complicated anatomy of the region and loads transferred between the lower limbs and the trunk. Many structures are involved and their interactions complex.

In this course we will look at functional anatomy, pathology, assessment and diagnosis, management including manual therapy interventions and rehabilitation options for each aspect of groin pain from a topographical perspective of clinical reasoning, using the latest published works to provide guidance for our interventions.

Tutor: Howard Turner MCSP


09:30 Registration
10:00 Introduction, dilemnas in diagnosis and sub-classifications
10:45 Adductor and pubic-related groin pain
  • Practical 1 – Orienting surface anatomy, adductor assessment, the squeeze test and variants
Pelvic Involvement in groin pain
  • Practical 2 – Pelvic assessment – squeeze test 2 and SIJ pain provocation testing
12:30 LUNCH
13:15 Iliopsoas-related groin pain
  • Practical 3 -Iliopsoas  assessment
Inguinal and abdominal-related groin pain
Lumbar and thoracolumbar involvement in groin pain
  • Practical 4 – Abdominal/inguinal assessment, assessment of nerve entrapments and elements of spinal assessment
15:30 BREAK
16:00 Rehabilitation 1
17:00 CLOSE
09:00 Buttock pain
  • Practical 4.5 – Buttock pain
10:00 BREAK
10:30 The hip, and hip-related groin pain
  • Practical 5 – Pain-provocation testing of the hip
12:00 LUNCH
13:15 Lateral hip pain / greater trochanter pain syndrome
  • Practical 6 – Pain provocation testing for lateral hip pain
Movement control of the hip
  • Practical 6.5 – Movement control assessment of the hip
15:00 Rehabilitation 2
16:00 FINISH

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